ASD/Coupled Loads Analysis System (ASD/CLAS)

ASD/Coupled Loads Analysis System (ASD/CLAS) is an integrated, user friendly, graphical user interface (GUI) driven engineering software tool for highly efficient linear and nonlinear dynamic analysis of systems of structural dynamic math models. ASD/CLAS has set the industry standard for efficient and accurate execution of linear and nonlinear coupled loads analyses (CLA). ASD/CLAS is licensed by industry leaders including Lockheed Martin, Teledyne Brown, and Oceaneering and utilized on 100s of linear and nonlinear CLAs yielding the industry’s shortest analysis cycles and resulting in the most efficient structural design and certification processes.

With ASD/CLAS, the user can easily and efficiently configuration manage, setup, execute, review, and report a wide range of dynamic analyses including highly complex nonlinear coupled loads analyses. ASD/CLAS’ proven unique capabilities result in a highly efficient overall analysis process leading to superior analysis products coupled with significant schedule reductions. ASD/CLAS was developed and is maintained by ASD and is available for licensing.

ASD/CLAS’ enabling technologies, powerful features, and robust analysis modules have made it the software tool of choice for major NASA contractors on design and mission critical coupled loads analyses. In fact, ASD/CLAS was selected by NASA and Lockheed Martin to conduct mission critical Shuttle/payload nonlinear coupled loads analyses.