ASD/CLAS Licensing & System Requirements


ASD/CLAS licensing is “per module” to provide the greatest flexibility in order to tailor the capabilities of ASD/CLAS to each individual customer’s unique requirements. ASD/CLAS was developed and is maintained by ASD and is licensed by Applied Structural Dynamics, Inc.

Software Requirements

Red Hat Linux v5.2. Other Linux/Unix based O/S can be supported. Active Tcl 8.4 (freely available from ActiveState). Adobe Acrobat Reader (freely available from Adobe).

Minimum System Requirements

150 MB for installation; 2-4 GB memory; 2 x 2.0 GHz Intel 32-bit CPUs (AMD CPUs also supported); 500 GB disk drive for data. S/W can be installed on desktops or accessed remotely from a central server.