Design Services

ASD provides our clients with design services including conceptual design, preliminary design, and design reviews. In addition, ASD's expertise in structural analyses affords the capability to synergistically integrate analysis with the design evolution, resulting in robust structure with efficient load paths that are easy to model, easy to analyze, and easy to correlate to hardware test. This robust synergism results in overall program risk mitigation.

ASD has significant expertise/experience with design of isolation systems. For example, ASD’s Tranquility isolated cross-bay cargo carrier was designed to mitigate the Space Shuttle’s transient and structural-borne random vibration environments and involved multiple design innovations that significantly simplified the cargo manifesting process and structural flight certification. The design won tremendous praise from the NASA customer.

Upon design finalization, ASD can provide the necessary test plans, test direction, pre-test analysis, and model correlation services to develop the final correlated model for design verification.