Testing Introduction

The basic goals of structural testing are to (1) verify that the structural system meets or exceeds the design requirements and to (2) verify analytical models and predictions. Successful structural testing requires a strong background in structural analyses, both static and dynamic, and the relationship between the analyses and the physical hardware testing. ASD’s proven strength in these areas has enabled us to provide our clients with an unmatched set of test services that have resulted in numerous highly successful test programs. In addition, on multiple occasions, ASD was brought into test programs to resolve a variety of technical issues. On each occasion, ASD quickly resolved the issue ensuring the success of the test program.

ASD engineers have extensive backgrounds and experience in modal survey, qualification, and acceptance testing of space flight hardware. ASD has expertise in developing effective test plans and procedures, pretest analysis, providing real-time expert test direction/guidance to the test team to ensure that the test objectives are met, and structural model/test correlation.